Adopt a Room Donor Spotlight: Kellie Kieley Realty

It always takes me a minute to adjust when I walk into the House,” Kellie Kieley explains. It’s an emotional experience each time, because she understands the impact and importance of The House That Love Built. For years, Kellie was interested in giving back to an organization that helped children and families, and with the growth of her own business, she finally found the means to contribute financially.  Yet, she wishes she had discovered earlier that the true impact of giving doesn’t always come from monetary contributions. Gifts of time, support, and effort make an equally monumental difference here at RMHC.

Kellie was first introduced to the Ronald McDonald House by a colleague and friend when they teamed up to make dinner for families through the Love Is Served program. Since that night, Kellie has made a personal commitment to helping the children and families served by RMHC. Her most recent gesture of support? Adopting the Catiebug Rainforest Room, located in the original Albany House, which opened its doors in 1982.  Room adoptions, especially of rooms that have been home to RMHC families for more than 40 years, play a crucial role in sustaining a modern and comforting environment for all who enter The House That Love Built.

Thank you so much to Kellie and the Kellie Kieley Realty team for their support. Your generosity allows us to provide a home away from home to approximately 400 families every year who are struggling with childhood illness and injury.

Interested in adopting a room of your own? Visit to learn more.