Gracie Lawton – An Amazing Gift

Grace LawtonGracie Lawton of Mohawk was only 3 months old when she was diagnosed with liver cancer in May of 2010. She lost her fight in January 2012, but in her memory, her parents are helping other families with ill children.

Amazing Gracie’s Gift Foundation aims to provide gifts of support to families of children with cancer or other terminal illness.  One of their first efforts was also to fund a bedroom in our new House.

“Her name will live on here forever.  If we didn’t stay here…if they didn’t open the doors for us… we would have been commuting back and forth each day,” said Geoff Lawton, Gracie’s father. “One of us staying in the hospital, one of us staying home with Luke—it would have taken a financial and emotional toll.”

Lawton FamilyThe Lawtons say they were happy to help RMH expand, because they know how much families rely on the House.

They continue to serve families in need through their foundation and make regular visits to the House and Albany Medical Center to offer their love and support.

Learn more about Amazing Gracie’s Gift Foundation.