House Rules & Policies

The Albany Ronald McDonald House is a community living environment. We appreciate your cooperation in helping us maintain a harmonious, home-like atmosphere that is safe, secure, clean and conducive to rest and rejuvenation. Our staff will work with families individually to resolve any issues that compromise our ability to meet that goal.

To that end, we respectfully ask you to observe the following rules and guidelines.

Quiet Hours

To allow our families to rest and “recharge,” we ask that you comply with our quiet hours, which extend from 10 pm to 9 am daily.

Child Supervision

It is your responsibility to supervise your children at all times while staying at the house – for their safety and that of our other guests. House staff CANNOT serve as babysitters.

Tobacco, Alcohol, Drugs, and Weapons

We do not allow the use of tobacco products, alcoholic beverages or illicit drugs anywhere on the grounds of the Ronald McDonald House.  Likewise, firearms and weapons of any kind are prohibited. Please consult a staff member if you have questions about this policy.

Eating & Drinking

All food and beverages MUST be consumed in the kitchen, dining room or basement. Please do not eat or store food in your room.

General Housekeeping

Our housekeeping staff does great work, but they are not on duty around the clock. We supply cleaning materials so that you can help us maintain a clean and comfortable environment for your family and the other guests at the house. We ask that you please:

  • Keep your room tidy and launder clothes and linens when needed.
  • Help your child clean up and put away toys, crafts or other materials once they’re finished playing.
  • Clean up after yourself each time you use the kitchen. All dishes, utensils and glassware should be placed in the dishwasher after use. Only pots and pans may be washed by hand. Keep countertops clean and empty the trash and recycling bins when they are full.
  • When leaving the House, please turn off lights and air conditioning in your room to help us reduce energy costs.

Elevator Use

Our house is equipped with an elevator to accommodate handicapped guests. Please do not allow your children to play on it or use it without adult supervision.