Staying With Us

Welcome to the House that Love Built

Ronald McDonald House of Albany exterior of both houses“This is the house where families meet
to continue their lives,
to eat and sleep,
to find their strengths and dry their tears,
to look forward with hope to better years.
This is the house that becomes their home.
This is the house that love built.”

A child’s life-threatening illness is a family’s most heart-wrenching experience. While we cannot ease your pain and uncertainty entirely, we strive to give you what you need the most for strength and optimism – each other. We help lessen the burden of illness by keeping your family together and providing emotional support and a safe, comfortable place to stay free of charge, just steps away from your child’s hospital bedside.

We welcome families from around the world—for varying lengths of time—offering lodging, meals, computer access, laundry facilities, play spaces, and much more, all in an environment where families can connect with others who understand what they’re going through.