Pull Together for the Ronald McDonald House

Pull tab printable label

What is a pull-tab?

A pull-tab is the piece of metal that opens aluminum cans. Like the can, the pull tab is able to be recycled. It is a small piece, yet a valuable piece.

Why collect pull-tabs?

Pull-tabs are an easy way to recycle and help our House. It is a task that people of all ages can do. The amount of money received is determined by the weight of the tabs and the current price per pound being paid for them. Saving the tab is a simple and clean way of recycling for our House. All the collections add up to make a heartfelt impact in working together to provide a home-away-from-home for the families during the madical treatment of their seriously ill child. The dollars raised are put 100% back into the direct operations of our local House.

Why not collect the entire can?

The pull-tabs are easily removed and cleaner to collect than cans, enabling our House to handle large volumes with less storage space.


1 pull-tab = 1 inch
12 pull-tabs = 1 foot
63,360 pull-tabs = 1 mile
1,267 pull-tabs = 1 pound
1,000,000 pull-tabs = 790 pounds (approximately)
1,578,044,160 pull-tabs = 1 trip around the earth

Pull Tab Flyer (PDF) Pull Tab Letter (PDF) Pull Tab Printable Label (PDF)