Read for Ronald McDonald House






About Read for Ronald McDonald House:

Children can make a difference in the lives of families of the Ronald McDonald House. Read for Ronald McDonald House encourages children in their achievements in reading, a core skill that is vital to their future success in life. By participating in this program, children gain skills in reading comprehension, grammar and critical thinking. By giving their time to help others – and using their reading skills to make a difference in their community – students experience empowerment and learn the value of community service. Offered as a school-based program and a small-group program, Read for Ronald McDonald House is simple to participate in. For one month, children will track their reading minutes on the provided reading calendar and ask family and friends to sponsor their reading. At the end of the month, donations are gathered and returned to the Ronald McDonald House. Non-profit groups participating in the program are offered a rebate check for 10 percent of the total donation raised so both the group and the Ronald McDonald House benefit from this program.  Any child who earns at least $100 in donations earns a special Read for RMH prize. After one month of reading, these children will have strengthened their reading skills and feel a great sense of accomplishment from having helped others. Here is a link to a password protected video that will give you a look inside the Ronald McDonald House and more about our unique reading program:   The password is: RMHC For more information or to register for the program, please contact Nancy Damato at 518-438-2655 or email

We are excited to welcome many area schools to our Read for RMH program this year!  Thank you to the following schools for being a part of our story and helping to support the children families at the Ronald McDonald House.