Community is key during COVID-19

Large group of RMHC volunteers posing with face masks and posters

It’s been five months since the coronavirus pandemic really began to impact our operations at RMHC of the Capital Region (RMHC-CR). Much has changed since mid-March, but a few things have remained the same.

  1. We’ve never wavered in our commitment to fulfilling our mission. We’ve continued to put the health and well-being of our community – and especially of children and families facing serious health challenges – above all else.
  2. Our local community has been as supportive as ever. In the face of unprecedented challenges, local heroes have stepped up time and time again to make sure RMHC-CR has the resources to support each and every family in need during this difficult time.

We are currently in phase 2 of a four-phase re-opening plan at the Ronald McDonald House. Eight new families moved in to the House this week, and we continue to provide hotel accommodations for those whose individual circumstances prevent them from staying here with us.

We’ve put new procedures in place at the House to ensure the health and safety of all our guests. From conducting wellness checks and temperature screenings to practicing social distancing and requiring masks outside of individual guest rooms, we’re taking significant precautions to prevent the spread of COVID-19. We’re also continuing to provide professionally-prepared meals as we wait to resume volunteer activities in phases 3 and 4.

As of this update, we anticipate starting phase 3 of our Ronald McDonald House re-opening on Wednesday, August 26. We’re also working on similar four-phase plans to reinstate operations for the Ronald McDonald Family Room and the Ronald McDonald Care Mobile in the coming months.

We’ve already served more than 80 families with children in need of critical medical care during this pandemic. We’ve provided thousands of meals and more than 1,200 overnight hotel stays to help these families stay close to each other and focus solely on getting better together. Despite the challenges posed by COVID-19, our community has come together to make all of this possible.

We’d especially like to thank the following partners who’ve gone above and beyond to help us support children and families during this unprecedented time:

  • The Ducommun Foundation, Sunmark Credit Union, CDPHP, Stewart’s Shops, Albany Elks Lodge #49 and countless individual donors have provided critical financial support to help us meet the demands of this crisis head on. COVID-19 has had a significant impact on our bottom line, increasing expenses and limiting our opportunities to raise funds through in-person events and activities. We are grateful to all who have given generously to support our mission over the last few months.
  • Feed Albany, TJ’s Café and other local meal providers have been essential partners throughout the pandemic, helping us feed families without the usual support of our in-house, meal group volunteers. Feed Albany alone has supplied more than 1,200 meals to RMHC-CR families, providing dinners three days a week for more than three months!
  • Our RMHC-CR volunteers and board members have remained steadfast in their support, even with normal volunteer activities suspended. They’ve continued to help with important deliveries, maintenance and grounds-keeping, fundraising, remote administrative work and more!
  • The teams at the Bernard & Millie Duker Children’s Hospital at Albany Med and St. Peter’s Health Partners Dental Center have continued to be outstanding partners as we work together to ensure that all children and families have access to high-quality care and support in the Capital Region.

We are fortunate to be part of an incredible community that’s come together – stronger than ever – in the face of COVID-19. Thank you for helping RMHC-CR continue to give love and support to families with sick children throughout this pandemic. You’ve allowed us to sustain our mission through a most unusual time, and for that we are extremely grateful!